We help architects learn Rhinoceros3D

Hi, I’m Dusan Cvetkovic. I like sharing my experiences, knowledge and learning about future technologies with fellow architects. Over time, I got very good at Rhino and I realized that this software has enormous untapped potential in our industry and I decided to spread the word about it.

Lazar Đuric who is architect and computational designer joined How to Rhino last year and together we're giving out our best knowledge to help our international colleagues to learn Rhino and Grasshopper.

The biggest problems we see in the world of architects today are getting clients and being efficient with our work. Our tools are our extensions and more often then not, we allow these tools to control us, instead of we controlling them. We think it’s about time to change that around.

Our mission is to help architects bridge the gap between their conceptual ideas and technical knowledge of software using Rhinoceros3D. We believe architects should focus on developing their designs and not worry about how to model them and present them to the competition jury or potential clients.

Through How to Rhino community, we’re teaching architects how to become professionals in Rhino and how to implement its powerful features in architectural practice. So far, our community has around 30.000 members including all social media channels and we’re not stopping until we reach every architect out there who’s struggling with learning Rhino and being productive.