Food For Rhino

By Dusan / July 14, 2018
food for rhino tutorials for architects

Food for Rhino  

Food for Rhino is a collection of all apps for Rhino and Grasshopper that are used to simplify many complex 3D modeling processes and 3D model analysis. There are apps for a lot of different industries such as aerospace, marine, mathematics, programming, architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, urban planning and many more.

When it comes to architecture and environmental analysis, I would like to emphasize a couple of apps that I personally use and would recommend to anyone who is in architectural industry. Some of them are quite simple, but very useful and can speed up the modeling process by a lot (I call them smart food for Rhino).

Section Tools for Rhino (by Rajaa Issa)  

This plugin allows you to create sections for your model that is connected with your geometry. If you decide to change the 3D, the section will update automatically with it. 
A lot of useful options come with this plugin.  


section tools tutorials for architects

Kitchen Creator (by Riccardo Gatti)

This is a simple Python script that with small graphic interface that allows you to create a simple kitchen cabinets based on a simple polyline. This is a very quick and easy way to draw and sketch out some kitchen elements for conceptual purposes. I use this often when I need a quick look at how a kitchen would fit in any given area of the house.


kitchen creator tutorials for architects

Armadillo (by Dig. Tools) 

Armadillo is a plugin based on parametric arrays along path curves. It can create wide range of solutions,  from a simple array along one curve to complex ribs to paneling systems. It comes with an extensive set of transformation features and interactive preview. 


armadilo tools tutorials for architects

Ladybug Tools (by Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari)  

Ladybug Tools is a collection of plugins that are used mainly for environmental design analysis. It has a variety of simulation engines that can accurately present how different environmental effects influence a certain building or a city.

There are many options and optimizations involved and you can create very powerful environmental diagrams. Some of them are energy efficiency, radiance, sun path, wind rose, shadow position and view analysis. Used by many famous engineering and architectural offices in the field of architecture.  


lady bug tools all tutorials for architects

Clayoo Freeform & Organic Modeling (by palasius)  

Clayoo is 3D freeform and organic modeling plugin for Rhinoceros 5 and 6. It is one of the industry standards when it comes to SubD modeling, embossing and sculpting tools.

The industries where Clayoo is being used include jewelry, product design, sculpting, furniture, animals, automotive and woodwork. It is very similar to T-splines and currently it is the only plugin of that sort for Rhino. ​


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