School of Architecture & Fun Facts

By Dusan / June 6, 2018
Architectural School

Faculty of Architecture

We’ve all been there. Starting a new chapter in life is never easy, especially if there’s such big stakes involved such as your future. Faculty of Architecture was my initial choice, but it wasn’t my only option. After almost two years of intensive preparation for the entry exam, I got accepted.

Faculty of Architecture Belgrade

New Beginning

In Serbia, Faculty of Architecture has been the most expensive school in the country, so it was important to be among the first half of 300 students, because the state would pay for student’s tuition in that case. At the beginning, everything was new: new environment, new city, new people, new school… It seemed like some kind of a cultural shock but turned out to be a very positive one. Going to the classes, lectures, exhibitions and conferences together with these new people brought some special feeling of belonging in me. It seemed as we were all together in that situation. It was all new, but it was the same for all of us. We had to stick together, help each other, do the work together and spend many nights without sleeping of course !  

Students of Architecture

Architecture Before vs. Today

Architectural schools were much different in the past. In fact, the whole profession was different. Architects were drawing huge projects manually with pencils and specialized pens. There was much more physical work and concentration involved in producing a single drawing. Once the computer age arrived, a lot of things changed in the way architects do their work and design projects. This new digital age brought more efficiency to all professions in general and opened a lot of different industries.

Architectural drawings Rhino

My school was not different than the other ones in the field. It embraced the digital age, new tools and curriculum even though some professors (mostly older) were not so happy about it. “Why changing something that has already been working for such a long time?” I think we all know the answer to this. Change was eminent one way or the other. It meant more reliable, efficient and faster way of workflow between architects and other professions. At the end, it meant more money on the table! That’s why everyone accepted the new tools.

Rhino Computer

Architectural software

Since I was aware of the fact that I’ll need to use a couple of different programs during the architectural school, I found a way to master these programs early on while I was still in high school. At the time, I found out that Photoshop, AutoCad and SketchUp were mostly used and I dove into them as soon as possible. Among these three, SketchUp was the most interesting for me because it had this amazing 3D environment which was easy to navigate and control. Soon after I got a hang of it, I started creating my first architectural masterpieces and fell in love with 3D modeling in general. That was the beginning of my long lasting passion for it! Since then, 3D modeling reminds me of playing video games. Fun and addicting...

Rhinoceros 3D modeling as a game

Rhinoceros 3D

Fairly quickly, my time investment to learn these programs before starting school started paying off. I was among a few who knew how to deal with polylines in Autocad, layers in Photoshop and rendering in SketchUp. I noticed that this gave me freedom to express and present my projects in a very creative way as oppose to some students who were still using paper and pencil. 

Rhinoceros Tutorial

Soon enough, I came in contact with other softwares in the industry such as 3DsMax, Vray, Illustrator, ArchiCad, Revit and Rhinoceros 3D. Some friends of mine were using Rhino for their 3D models. At first, I was a little skeptical about it (because it was something new to me), but then I realized that it offered so much more than SketchUp which I was using up until that point. Rhino is simple and powerful and that’s the beauty of it!

Which programs are you using for your architectural presentations and what are the ones you’d like to know more about?