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Textures for 3D models

By Dusan / May 17, 2019

We all know how important it is to have a good texture for your 3D model in order for it to look professional and in high quality. Your models should be professional and without any pixelated surfaces. This is where good high quality textures come in handy. However, these kind of textures are most of […]


Food For Rhino

By Dusan / July 14, 2018

Food for Rhino  Food for Rhino is a collection of all apps for Rhino and Grasshopper that are used to simplify many complex 3D modeling processes and 3D model analysis. There are apps for a lot of different industries such as aerospace, marine, mathematics, programming, architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, urban planning and many more.When […]


Rhino 3D Printing

By Dusan / July 7, 2018

What is 3D printing? 3D printing is relatively new technology that allows you to create physical model from a digital 3D model that was made in 3D software such as Rhinoceros. The origins of 3D printing started back in 1980’s as ‘rapid prototyping’ since the purpose of this technology was to be faster and cheaper than […]


Free 3D Models

By Dusan / June 25, 2018

FREE 3D models that you can use in your projects are great assets to enrich your 3D scenes. There are a couple of websites that offer both high and low poly models. These assets can help a lot when populating your scenes and  creating realistic renderings in architectural projects. These libraries contain a wide variety […]


Free Cutout People for Arch Viz

By Dusan / June 18, 2018

Cutout people are one of the most important elements when it comes to creating stunning architectural visualizations. Creating unique spaces and moods requires a good library of 2D cutout people because each project is unique. That’s why we often search for custom people cutouts that are from certain cultures and countries. Sometimes we are just […]


3D Modeling Software

By Dusan / June 11, 2018

3D Modeling Software Have you ever wondered what is the best 3D modeling software to use? You’re not sure which one to study and use since there is too many out there. Everyone is telling you their own story and you’re left wondering… Here, we’ll try to compare some 3D modeling programs on the market […]