How to Rhino Podcast

How to Rhino Podcast focuses on sharing personal career stories of young architects. 

For the majority of us, architects, architecture schools equipped us with a wide range of skills, design tools and design practices whether it is architecture related or other areas such as graphic design, game design, web design, ux and ui design, freelancing etc.

Our goal with the podcast is to open up discussion on this topic and to give you an overview of all the career options that exist after graduating from architecture school. 

Focal design studio was founded in 2016, by Tijana Kostić and Suzana Jakić. It is based in Belgrade, Serbia, and London, UK. Focal’s studio work focuses on design and research through a multidisciplinary approach in the fields of Architecture, Interior design, Furniture design, and making. Their projects are recognizable by ... Read More

This is the first episode of How to Rhino Podcast with Lazar Djuric, an architect from Serbia who will be joining How to Rhino team with the focus on teaching architects how to use grasshopper and implement it in an architectural workflow. Lazar has international experience as an architect and ... Read More

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