Grasshopper Quick Start Guide

Find out the core principles of parametric modeling with Rhino and Grasshopper.

Krimika Parekh
Adelaide, Australia

This is "Wow" kind of a lecture, for sure!
This content is created for us, architecture students and architects because we've been through the same process.
 I can clearly see that Dusan can connect with my experience and his emails are actually quite inspiring. 
I try following all of the advice as much as possible!

Omar Bahamat
Istanbul, Turkey

I've never seen something like this.
Very well prepared presentations, a lot of useful information. Dusan is always there.
It's like he's really putting all of his knowledge and information out there and giving it to us because we are in the need to know. I discovered so many things about Rhino that I didn't know including how to
improve your projects and presentation.