Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial -
You Don’t Want to Miss

Finding a good Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial can be a real struggle. Especially today, when you have so many people creating tutorials on Rhino and Grasshopper. And it becomes quite difficult to decide who to listen to and how to learn these tools in the quickest way possible.

That’s why we’re here today. We want to show you what a great Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial looks like so you never waste your time anymore scrolling through YouTube trying to find the best learning resource.

What does a good Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial need to have

Beginner Friendly

This goes without saying, but it’s important to mention first. If you are a total beginner, there’s no point in looking or watching advanced tutorials on Rhino and Grasshopper, because you will only get frustrated because you don’t understand anything.

Simple 3D tutorial

That may even push you away from starting to learn these tools because you would feel overwhelmed with the interface and the amount of information that you hear.

One cool tip is to look for “beginner” or “beginner friendly” or “for beginners” in the title of YouTube videos. That will definitely filter beginners from advanced tutorials.

Clear Sound and Video

Again, this may seem like an obvious fact, but trying to learn with the Rhino Grasshopper tutorial that is difficult to hear is really frustrating, at least for me.

I can watch one or two tutorials like this, but if all of them have a very bad sound quality and have background noise, I would rather find somebody else to follow.

Good sound and video

Another important aspect of a good Rhino Grasshopper tutorial is video quality. When using video tutorials to present an idea, we often share our Rhino and Grasshopper screens and the icons that we click on in the interface are very important.

So you need to be able to clearly see where the tutor has clicked, so you can follow along with the project. That’s why having a good quality video (at least HD quality) is essential when choosing the right tutorials to watch.

Clear explanation + step by step approach

When you’re trying to learn something new, especially something that’s completely different than the other tools you’re used to like Grasshopper, we want to search for explanations that are extremely simple and easy to understand.

Technical parts of the Rhino Grasshopper tutorial need to be explained visually, so you know exactly what the tutor is talking about.

Even though it may seem obvious to you, not everyone is on the same level, so having a visual explanation or a drawing that explains the concept is always a plus.

visual explanation Grasshopper

Another important part is a clear and concise English language. For me personally, listening to someone with broken English is quite painful when I’m trying to learn a new skill.

The person doesn’t need to be a native speaker of course, but I can’t focus on the tutorial if I’m having difficulties understanding what the tutor is saying. It’s a similar thing with bad sound. Lack of focus is a waste of time, and we want to avoid that always.

Step-by-step learning approach is something that is by far the best method of learning tools like Rhino and Grasshopper. A Rhino Grasshopper tutorial should be organized, it should have steps (with explanations) and it should be straight to the point.

step by step tutorial

I’m not saying that other approaches are bad when you have somebody teaching you Grasshopper and at the same time telling you their life story, but for me personally, I don’t have time for that and when I want to learn something, that’s all I’m interested in.

That’s why our approach in creating tutorials contains all of these important parts, because this is the way we learn the quickest and save the most time. However, we do have advanced tutorials and advanced projects as well, so not all of them are beginner friendly.

Our approach with Rhino and Grasshopper tutorial types

As you may know, Rhino is a huge software. You can think about it as a big platform on top of which other applications can be added. Those applications are called plugins and we have thousands of plugins for both Rhino and Grasshopper.

Some of them require more attention and some less, but when it comes to the Rhino Grasshopper tutorial types that we create, we divided them into a couple of groups:

Your Ultimate Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial

So if you’re wondering what the perfect Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial looks like (at least in our head), you’re in for a treat. We created a special 43-minute video training / tutorial that you can watch completely for free. 

Rhino for Architects Masterclass

We call this tutorial Rhino for Architects Masterclass (click to watch) because it’s also showing you the potential of what Rhino and Grasshopper can do in the architectural industry and it’s showing you how to get started with Rhino and Grasshopper from complete scratch. 

All you need to do is click on the link above or in the top corner of our website that says “Free training”, sign up with your best email and you’ll get special access to it right away.