by Dušan Cvetković
Dušan Cvetković
Published December 21, 2022

Vray 6 for Rhino has just been released and it comes packed with amazing new features that will improve your rendering workflow. In this article, we'll go over the top 5 most exciting features that Vray 6 has to offer.

Procedural Clouds

One of the best new additions in Vray 6 is the ability to easily create procedural clouds using just a few sliders. No more endlessly searching for the perfect HDRI sky image - now you can generate realistic clouds right inside Vray.

To access the procedural clouds, first, add a Vray Sky map to your scene either as an environment map or connected to a Vray Sun or Dome Light. Open the Sky map settings and under the clouds section, enable clouds.

Procedural Clouds

You'll now have access to sliders that control the density, variety, movement, height, and thickness of the clouds. Turn on the ground shadows option to really see the clouds casting shadows onto the scene below.

The clouds can also be set to dynamic mode which will automatically change their pattern over time based on the time of day - perfect for animations.

Finite Dome Light

Vray Dome Lights have always projected their image across the entire scene. But with the new Finite Dome setting enabled, you can now control the projection as if it were coming from a real physical light source.

By moving the dome light around, you can aim the light and shadows. The radius and height of the projection can also be adjusted to properly match the scale of your scene. This gives you much more control over the look and lighting of your renders.

Finite Dome Light

Vray Enmesh

Vray Enmesh is an incredible new feature that allows you to populate surfaces with complex patterns and geometry without having to actually model everything. It works like a Grasshopper definition but renders directly in Vray without baking.

To use it, give any surface a Vray Mesh modifier. This surface can then be populated with one or multiple objects based on its UV mapping. You have full control over the layout, rotation, scaling, and more.

The best part is that all the geometry is only generated during rendering. So you don't waste system resources modeling thousands of polygons. Vray Mesh works with Vray CPU, Vray Cloud, and Vray Standalone.

Vray Enmesh

Resumable Rendering

Having your render crash after hours of waiting is beyond frustrating. With Vray 6's new resumable rendering system, you'll never lose progress again.

It works by storing backup files as you render that track the state of the render. If interrupted, you can pick up right where you left off by simply resuming the render. You can even transfer the files to another machine and continue rendering there.

To use it, set your output file path first then enable Resumable Rendering in the Vray settings. It's recommended to set Auto Save Interval above 0 to prevent losing renders from crashes.

Just be careful not to change any render settings like resolution when resuming or it may cause issues.

Resumable Rendering

Vray & Enscape Compatibility

Vray 6 now has built-in compatibility with Enscape, the famous real-time rendering plugin. This means you can design, test, and walkthrough projects in Enscape and then bring them directly into Vray for final rendering.

Vray & Enscape Compatibility

The ability to use Vray's physically accurate materials and lighting with Enscape's fast workflow is incredibly powerful. Designers can iterate and explore options in Enscape during the concept phase. Then later visualize the final design with photorealistic Vray renders.

Improve Your Renderings With Vray 6

Vray keeps pushing rendering technology forward with every new version. Vray 6 for Rhino delivers amazing upgrades like procedurally generated clouds, resumable renders, Vray Enmesh patterns, Enscape compatibility, and more.

With these new tools, you can cut down rendering time, achieve more realistic results, and improve workflows. Download Vray 6 for Rhino today to elevate your architectural visualizations to the next level.

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Dušan Cvetković is a professional architect from Serbia and official Authorized Rhino Trainer with international experience in the industry. Collaborated with numerous clients all around the world in the field of architecture design, 3D modeling and software education. He's been teaching Rhinoceros3D to thousands of architects through How to Rhino community and various social media channels.