There are many ways to make the exterior of the building more interesting. In this tutorial, we will show you one of these methods where we will go through the basics of Graph Mapper first and how you can use it to create harmonized facade balconies. Controlling just one parameter, you will be able to modify how the balconies bulge from the flat facade.

Once we import the building outline in Grasshopper, we will use the Move command in combination with the Range component to distribute the reference curve along the Z-axis. In the next step, we will explode each segment of the curves and take out only one.

On these segments, we will find the point using the Graph Mapper component. In the last step, we are going to use the Insert List component to merge extracted points generated based on the Graph Mapper with the corners of the curves moved along the Z-axis in one of the previous steps. Once we merge two lists of points we can generate polylines that represent the boundary of balconies.

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