How to Model Buzludzha Monument in Rhino

By Dusan / November 12, 2018

How to Model Buzludzha Monument in Rhino

 In this Rhino Architecture tutorial, we are going to go over some useful rhino commands for architects and architecture students that will make you more efficient when modeling architecture designs for your projects. We are modeling The Buzludzha Monument designed by Georgi Stoilov. This architecture piece is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. I’ll show you the quickest way to model a complex geometry like this and share some interesting rhino commands such as Revolve, Intersect Two Sets, Cap etc.

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About the author


Dusan Cvetkovic is a professional architect from Serbia with international experience in the filed. He has been a part of both architectural offices throughout Europe and has been working as a freelancer online in the field of architecture and design using Rhinoceros 3D. He's been teaching Rhino to thousands of people through How to Rhino community and various social media channels.