How to Model Cirkelbroen Bridge in Rhino

By Dusan / October 17, 2018

How to Model Cirkelbroen Bridge in Rhino

 If you are in architecture school, you’ve probably heard about this one. In this architecture tutorial, I am modeling Cirkelbroen Bridge in Rhino created by Olafur Eliasson located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Through this Rhino and Grasshopper beginner tutorial, you’ll be able to learn Rhino and get familiar with some of the mostly used Rhino commands.

Danish architecture and Scandinavian architecture, in general, is famous for its minimalistic style and unique approach during the design process.

In this Rhino architecture tutorial, I’ll go over some of the unique Rhino commands for architects that will save you lots of time when modeling. Some of them are Revolve, Divide, Split, Extrude Curve and so on.

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