If you’re into landscape architecture and design, you definitely don’t want to miss Lands Design. This is a plugin for Rhino that allows you to play with landscape design projects of different scales including thousands of different plant species. At the same time, you can create huge forests, urban furniture and all of the assets can seamlessly be used with a rendering engine such as Vray.

Some of the features of Lands Design include very powerful terrain modeling tools where you can create the terrain from point clouds, elevation curves and contours. I’ll show you in a little bit how to create a Lands Design terrain with SubD tools and I think this workflow really allows us to be super creative when it comes to landscape architecture.

On top of that, Lands Design has smart objects which can be used for documentation, quantity take-offs, etc plus the extensive plant database that I already mentioned which contains both 3D and 2D characteristics. Great for conceptual diagrams as well.

There are tools for dynamic 2D documentation as well as the integration with Grasshopper that allows us to create our own parametric design iterations, so think about this possibility for a second - connecting urban and landscape design with parametric modeling. Lands design is compatible with rendering engines like Enscape, Lumion, Vray, so you have the ability to bring all of these designs to life in your static visualizations and animations as well.

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