Rhino Inside allows us to run Grasshopper and Rhino within Revit. In this tutorial, you will find out how to create walls within Grasshopper using Rhino Inside components. This will result in an instant seamless workflow between Rhino Grasshopper and Revit.

 We will also go over a couple of simple Grasshopper definitions that will be used to create walls directly in Revit. You will learn how to completely control the walls component for Rhino Inside and we will use Enscape together with Revit, Rhino and Grasshopper to instantly get a live feed of the parametric changes that we are creating in Grasshopper.

The workflow between Rhino Grasshopper and Revit has never been easier thanks to Rhino Inside project and McNeel team that has been working on it lately. This project is still in its early days of development, but it has enormous potential to bring the power of parametric design with Grasshopper into Revit.

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