Let’s take a look at one of the best real-time 3D rendering engines at the moment - Twinmotion. Thanks to the Direct Link plugin, now we can have a seamless transition from Rhino to Twinmotion. This workflow allows us to have a super organized layer structure in both Twinmotion and Rhino and connect any type of material, even Vray materials would work fine in Twinmotion.

We are covering how to import/synchronize Rhino model to Twinmotion, how to apply Twinmotion materials to our geometry from Rhino. In this example, we’re working on the Ekko Pavilion project from one of our previous tutorials, designed by super talented artist Thilo Frank.

Twinmotion has quite an extensive library of objects, trees, people, so we’re covering how to scatter all of these models and create stunning natural environments in no time. In the end, we’re going to export our image and share some interesting post-production options as well such as changing the seasons, weather, etc.

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