SubD Animation in Vray 

SubD Animation in Rhino 7 WIP can be a challenge. That's why, in this tutorial, we tried to simplify the process as much as possible with the help of Vray Next for Grasshopper. We will start with the creation of a random SubD shape in Rhino 7 WIP, keep in mind that this can be pretty much anything you imagine. After we have the desired shape created with SubD tools, we are going to jump into Grasshopper and use new SubD components to deconstruct our shape and pick the SubD vertices that we want to animate. With the help of Vray Next for Grasshopper, we're going to create a scene, set up the rendering settings, lighting and materials. The most important aspect here is setting up the timeline component to work as a slider and create smooth frame transitions, so we can develop this in a sequenced animation at the end.

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