Texturing and 3D Section 

This time, we are going to dive deep into Rhino and Twinmotion texturing. You will learn how to synchronize materials from Rhino and Vray, how to apply texture mapping, and how to update it in real-time using Twinmotion direct link for Rhino. We are using the Twinmotion 2020.1 version for this tutorial. We are starting out with the simple house model that has organized layers which is a must if you’d like to use and apply Twinmotion materials. This is where you will learn the difference between Twinmotion materials, how to modify them, how to deal with different tile sizes etc. In the end, we are going to showcase a tool called Twinmotion Section Cube, how to use it, modify it, and how to finally export the final image.

Get project files for this tutorial

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