TriRemesh component is one of the newest tools for Grasshopper that comes with Rhino 7. With this component, we can convert a Brep or Mesh into a mesh that contains triangles with similar side lengths, angles, and areas. The TriRemesh component can also generate Dual Meshes as one of its outputs that are mainly composed of hexagons and some pentagons and heptagons. For all of you who want to use it in Grasshopper make sure to use Rhino 7.3 or newer.

In this Rhino 7 Grasshopper tutorial, we'll walk you through each input (Geometry, Target, Sharp, Features, Length, Iters) and show you how we can use each one in different examples. On top of that, you will learn how we can combine Features input from TriRemesh with Multipipe component in order to get some really cool results!

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