Best Architecture Magazines [Top 35 picks in 2021]

Best architecture magazines in 2021.
Where to start?

Whether you’re an architecture student, a professional architect, a designer, an artist or simply a design admirer looking for a source of inspiration, we know that the struggle for a new idea is real!

Waste no more time! We’ve got your back!

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In order to help you hold the ladder of this constantly evolving major, we summed up few of the BEST Architecture magazines (online and/or printed) and divided them into multiple genres to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Follow along to discover what each magazine holds for you!

Best Architecture Magazines by Genre


ArchDaily Screenshot

Founded in 2008 by two talented entrepreneurs, David Basulto and David Assael, Archdaily is a digital repository that focuses on sharing architecture news, products, reviews (project descriptions), articles regarding popular topics, events, trends and competitions.

As an architecture student, this was my first go to magazine for inspiration. It is available in over 230 countries and uses a simple writing style yet very informative along with visuals and divisions to help you look easily for projects and understand them.

And if you are an architecture enthusiast, you’ll certainly enjoy the competitions they post. For more information, check out their website:


Dezeen Best Architecture Magazine

Launched in 2006 2006 by Marcus Fairs, a 3D design graduate and an award-winning journalist, this magazine got it all!

It will keep you hooked with its daily published news, articles, events, up to date architecture projects, interior designs and competitions in addition to movies and documentaries. Dezeen supports you even when it comes to finding job opportunities with ‘Dezeen Jobs’.

Always aspiring to move the architecture field forward, Dezeen’s editorial team initiated in 2013, in collaboration with Blurb, a self-publishing platform, a print-on-demand magazine called Print Shift.

This magazine sheds light on 3D printing and the possibilities it holds for the sake of architecture industry. No wonder it is the most popular British Magazine don’t you think? To check the magazine, go to


Designboom Best Architecture Magazine

This magazine is one the first established architecture magazines. It was initiated in 1999 with a fast popularity growth. Having Architecture design as a main focus, the blog issues contemporary projects, art critiques, competitions, reviews, interviews, trends, competitions and an open product library for architectural materials.

This magazine tries to ensure an enriching dialogue between professionals and enthusiasts. Visit at


Domus Architecture Magazine

Originally issued in 1928 as a printed magazine in Rozzano, Milan to revive the interest in architecture, Italian decorative arts, homemaking and gardening, it sooner (in 2000) became digital with an Italian and English version. The Blog shares general architecture visions instead of specific project descriptions. Visit at

Volume Zero

Volume Zero Screenshot

Volume Zero is a digital design magazine based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, that exhibits international architecture and design projects, looking closely into concepts and inspirations.

The website shares a lot of visuals and descriptive reviews that may unleash new ideas in your head.


ArchiPro Architecture Magazine

ArchiPro is launched in 2014 by Milot Zeqiri and Brittany Gribben, an entrepreneur couple to inspire and improve the designs base in Australia.
The website is broken down into multiple sections and categories to simplify the navigation like projects, products, professionals, photos, and articles.

The magazine offers many interesting features like design boards where registered members can save what they like and the possibility to publish the work of registered specialists.


Architizer Best Architecture Magazine

Architizer is a digital magazine that showcases architecture trends, articles and inspirations since 2009 while focusing on the market needs.

The blog includes a lot of helpful tips for students like how to avoid burnouts or how to choose the right architecture school etc. The magazine also gives the chance for professionals to post their work.


Metropolis Magazine

If you are looking for a magazine that covers all aspects of architecture then you’ve found the one! Metropolis has the full package!

Since its launching in 1981, the magazine has had a powerful online and offline presence as it covers a wide range of architecture-related subjects.
The subjects include: architecture news and designs, sustainability, urbanism, landscaping, technology, interior design and architecture products.

There’s even more! The magazine has mana supplements which emphasis specific subjects (residential, mixed-use, workspaces, commercial spaces, etc.)

What is interesting about this magazine is the fact that it also has a “Sustainability Lab” where they expose latest sustainable ideas and concepts.


Icon screenshot

Icon is a digital and printed magazine created in 2003. It features interviews, latest architecture trends, projects reviews, products, modern cultural movements and architecture videos.

Arquitectura Viva

Arquitectura Viva Best Architecture Magazine

Arquitectura Viva is a bimonthly magazine with more of 20 years of history. The digital form of the magazine overlooks contemporary architecture and design topics. Whereas the printed magazine exhibits the full descriptive form.

Architectural Record

Architectural Record Screenshot

Architectural Record is a digital and printed magazine that exhibits interesting and exclusive architecture news, articles, projects, technology and more.

It involves both the practical and design part of architecture and showcase urgent current issues related to architecture like healthcare facilities in Africa, modern sustainable materials, etc.

Design Raid

Design Raid Magazine

The founders of Architecture Lab introduced Design Raid, a magazine that focuses on publishing latest design and architecture projects and innovations.

World Architects Magazine

World Architects Magazine Screenshot

World Architects is initiated in 1994 by PSA Publishers Ltd in Switzerland.
This online platform is a highly recognized architecture information source as it covers contemporary architecture daily news, weekly building reviews and newsletters, an international job board and events calendar.

The magazine can be found in English, German and Spanish. The magazine works in order to advocate quality in architecture.

Architecture Today

Architecture Today Architecture Magazine

Architecture Today’s digital magazine focuses on the engaging the community in the architecture trends news and newsletters.

Architect Magazine

Architect Magazine Screenshot

ARCHITECT is a monthly that covers architecture focused topics mostly technology, education, design and culture. They use good graphics qualities to showcase their articles in order to inspire the readers.


Onoffice Screenshot

Onoffice is one of the top architecture platforms in the UK. They are a leading architecture community sharing latest architecture designs, workplace designs, hospitality projects, interviews with top architecture figures, education, civic sector and the latest news.

Architects Journal Magazine

Architects Journal Magazine Screenshot

Architect’s Journal is on of the leading UK magazines. It scopes British designs, architecture and cities weather small scale or masterplans.
The Architects’ Journal was launched in 1895. It publishes 24 printed magazines a year and has a digital platform that shares drawing details, news, competitions and field topics.

Architects can publish their work and services in the AJ Jobs section.

Nytt Rom Magazine

Nytt Rom Magazine Screenshot

Nytt Rom is a Norwegian magazine based in Oslo that explores Scandinavian designs, lifestyle, and architecture since 2017.

El Croquis

El Croquis Magazine

A bimonthly international magazine that documents international projects in addition to an annual publication that involves most notable architecture projects and works of Spain.

This magazine has around 200 monographs and annual magazines that can be described more as specialized books.

Indian Architect & Builder

Indian Architect & Builder Magazine

This printed magazine is devoted for Indians in the field as it explores projects in the Indian zone while incorporating International trends and influences.

It focuses on Architecture, Construction and Sustainability.
It also analyses the evolution of architecture ideologies and movements through an annual conference called ‘The 361°’ discussed by remarkable people in the field.


Azure Magazine

Azure is launched in 1985 and based in Canada. This magazine has an international news coverage but mainly focuses on exploring Northern American design.

Azure releases eight issues per year that features current architecture, design interiors, products, landscapes, urbanism, and architecture.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

This American magazine is established in 1920 by Condé Nast (in California). It publishes one monthly magazine that combines a wide mix of international design talents, home décor, household products, decorating ideas, culture and travel.

It is oriented for less specialized audience thus shares interior imagery more than specific architecture concepts and discussions.

The magazine always tries to capture the attention of its readers not only by using good visuals but also by implementing giveaways and gifts to increase the public engagement.


Dwell Architecture Magazine

Dwell is launched in 2000 by Lara Hedberg Deam, a talented CEO, and Karrie Jacobs, a professional observer of architecture. They showcase articles from an interior/ residential scope. They try to inspire designers to create enriching experiences and not only good-looking designs.

This magazine discovers the macro aspect of the projects and sheds light on interior elements and materials instead of design and architecture. They help users make organized, cost-efficient and sustainable interior choices with a section devoted to purchase items which makes it a brand and a magazine.

Users can subscribe to Dwell+ to access exclusive home tours, the complete Dwell archive and read how-to-guides or advertise your work there.

You can either the printed form of its bimonthly issues or access their digital platform.


Architonic Magazine Architecture

This magazine is mostly dedicated for understanding and mastering interior designs like materials, furnishing and products, interior layouts, etc.

Luxe Interiors & Design

Luxe Interiors & Design

For those of you interested in Glamours home settings and interiors, then here’s the perfect magazine. This magazine gives enriching closeups into crafting luxurious and high-class interiors.

Landscape Architecture Magazine

Landscape Architecture Magazine

Landscape Architecture Magazine (LAM) is established in 1910 in Washington, District of Columbia, United States.

It is a monthly magazine empowered by the American Society of Landscape Architects. that occurs built landscapes projects, landscape information and new techniques for ecologically sensitive planning and design.



Inhabitat is the go green of best architecture magazines. It focuses on latest sustainable architecture projects, environmentally friendly technologies and smart design practices that inspires to solve the world’s urgent problems.


Detail Best Architecture Magazine

Detail is a German magazine which supports the building aspect of architecture as it shares construction techniques with a focus on materials and sustainability as well.

Detail also initiates events in order to integrate the design and construction team leading to fruitful conversations and share information between building product manufacturers and architects and planners to promote the architecture filed and industry.

‘DETAIL inspiration’ is an online archive gives its users access to over 5,500 DETAIL projects.



Specification magazine provides construction studies and documentations. It also explores in its articles different manufacturer and innovative industry products.

Building Products

Building Products Architecture Magazine

Building Projects Magazine, launched in 1976, is the UK’s first choice to get construction products information. This magazine helps architects find the best products, suppliers, quantity surveys and even mounting techniques.



ARCH+ is one of German best architecture magazines, urbanism and related fields. ARCH+ analyses the cultural and political status of the projects that would contribute in shaping the architectural project. IT explores urbanism in-depth, in its theoretical and practical form.

Architectural Review

Architectural Review Magazine

This monthly magazine, launched in London in 1896, looks beyond the architectural building in order to understand the social, urban, cultural and political, environmental and sustainable context of architecture. It actually had a high awareness impact on the post-world war II urban practices.

Best Architecture Magazines (Digital) - EVolo

EVolo Magazine and Competition in Architecture

Just as its name implies, Evolo technology, sustainable and creative designs incorporated in the architecture field.

Evolo is publishes twice per year and promotes avant-garde ideas with frequent Skyscraper Design competitions.

Who did we miss?

Architecture Magazines are the best way and easiest way to have a full perspective of where this field is heading and what's currently trending in architecture and design fields.

We hope those 33 magazines were of help to find your source of inspiration and personal character empowerment in the field! 

About the Author

Dušan Cvetković is a professional architect from Serbia with international experience in the industry. Collaborated with numerous clients all around the world in the field of architecture design, 3D modeling and software education. He's been teaching Rhinoceros3D to thousands of architects through How to Rhino community and various social media channels.