Rhino and Grasshopper Courses

You’re an architect and you’re interested in Rhino and Grasshopper Courses for architecture?!

You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re an architecture student or a professional architect, you’ve probably realized by now that Rhino and Grasshopper are becoming a standard in the architecture industry.

All the top firms are using these tools. They simply became a job requirement and you probably don’t want to fall behind…

Mumbai Airport Project

Most architecture universities tell us that we need to learn Rhino and Grasshopper because it’s needed on the job market, but the problem is that they don’t teach you the skills.

You’re left alone to learn it yourself and search through hundreds of YouTube tutorials trying to find the best method to learn how to use Rhino effectively and how to understand the logic behind Grasshopper. 

Stress learning Grasshopper


You simply don’t know where to start learning it from and who to listen to, right?

Now, there’s too much information and you don’t know how to filter it, because there's too much noise.

But at the same time you’re in a hurry and you want to learn parametric modeling as quickly as possible following a structured step-by-step approach. 

Man working in Grasshopper

And most importantly…

You want to learn from somebody who has credibility, who understands you, who is also an architect, and who you can ask as many questions as needed when you get stuck!

That’s exactly the experience you can expect to get with our Rhino and Grasshopper Courses. 

Who are we?

How to Rhino Team

We are professional architects with over 11 years of experience in using this software professionally and our mission is to help as many architects as possible to learn how to use Rhino and Grasshopper for architecture and have complete design freedom without ANY technical difficulties.

How to Rhino YouTube

We have a YouTube channel called How to Rhino with over 60.000 subscribers and we helped over 550 architects through our step-by-step Rhino and Grasshopper Courses which you can watch and consume on demand at your leisure.

How to Rhino Course Platform

All of the courses, contents and assignments are located on our dedicated interactive learning platform that you would get access to once you join. This is where all of our students are hanging out, talking, chatting, sharing valuable tips, tricks and even finding jobs!

Our students

Rhino and Grasshopper Courses that we created for all skill levels!

Whether you’re a beginner who is just starting out, an intermediate user who wants to become more efficient, or an advanced user who wants to involve with 3D printing or fabrication, we have something for you! 

How to Rhino Students

Once again, our goal is to transfer you all of our knowledge as soon as possible and that’s why we offer unlimited support for all of our training material.

Just take a look at some of our students and their experiences with our teaching approach. 

John Fotiadis | fotiadis.net

The way this course was structured and presented by Dusan and his team, architects who understand and apply the principles we are familiar with, made it incredibly easy for me to unlock the full power of Rhino. Coupled with their extraordinary response times, and detailed support via videos and 1 to 1 sessions, I can say the learning experience has truly been exceptional.

Systematically going through these videos, I bridged the gap between my aspirations and reality. What stands out about this course is that it's tailored by architects who understand our thinking and how to translate ideas into tangible, fabricable buildings. Coupled with their genius-level understanding of the software, and extraordinary coaching sessions, they are not just good - they are a profound resource.

Jose Urbiola | mad

I chose How to Rhino to step up with new technologies and was surprised by how useful it was. Not only did it enhance my knowledge of SubD and Grasshopper, but also enriched my Rhino skills with a detailed review. Now, I can see a before and after. My workflow in the office has improved, I can solve more geometrical challenges, making me a more efficient architect.

Our Rhino and Grasshoppper Courses

Grasshopper and Rhino Courses from How to Rhino

We have three major Rhino and Grasshopper Courses

Rhino for Architects Course

This course is going to teach you everything you need to know about Rhino and how to use it for architectural projects!  You will learn…

  • The best design workflow for architects including specific toolbars and commands
  • Creating 2D documentation and 3D geometry from beginner to advanced level
  • How to organize your files, layers, blocks, layouts and structure of your model
  • How to get started with Grasshopper and parametric architecture
  • How to create stunning architectural diagrams
  • How to create exterior and interior architectural renderings with Vray 6 for Rhino
  • How to create both simple and complex architectural fly-through animations


Grasshopper Complete Course

This course is completely focused on using Grasshopper for architecture and it’s going to give you a complete understanding of parametric modeling going from the very beginning to extremely advanced level. You will learn…

  • Complete understanding of the logic and math behind Grasshopper
  • How to create your own parametric algorithms from scratch
  • How to improve and troubleshoot your existing definitions
  • 500+ Grasshopper Components explained in detail through practical examples
  • Advanced Grasshopper techniques explained through 10 complex projects


Rhino Inside Revit Course

This course is designed to show you the latest Rhino Inside Revit technology that allows us to seamlessly integrate parametric definitions from Grasshopper to Revit without the need to remodel anything in Revit.

Think about the fusion of the design capabilities of Rhino, parametric design in Grasshopper and BIM capabilities of Revit.

Think about this as the best possible design to production workflow in architecture that we have available. You’ll learn here…

  • How does Rhino, Grasshopper and Revit connection work through Rhino Inside technology
  • All Rhino Inside components explained through Revit project examples
  • How to integrate and optimize a Revit project for 3D printing
  • How to develop a building through Grasshopper - Revit workflow
  • How to develop a fluid form facade with SubDs and integrate it with Revit
  • How to create a complex tower through Grasshopper push it to Revit


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Course Teachers

Dušan Cvetković

Professional architect from Serbia with international experience in architecture. Dušan’s been using Rhino for over 11 years now in architecture and throughout freelance collaboration and consulting with various international companies. Dušan has worked in Poland, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Serbia including external work contracts from all around the globe. He's been teaching Rhino to thousands of architects through How to Rhino community via various social media channels and online tutorials on YouTube and How to Rhino.

Lazar Đurić

Lazar is a professional architect and computational designer. He has been using Rhino and Grasshopper for over 11 years now. His international experience includes working in Poland, Spain, Maldives and China where he had an opportunity to implement his knowledge of parametric design on a multitude of projects, all sorts of scale and typology. Currently, he is teaching architects through How to Rhino community, where he is responsible for parametric modeling and digital fabrication using Grasshopper.