Rhino for Architects Course

Rhino for Architects Course will help you
Learn Rhino and Grasshopper

as quickly as possible
specifically for architecture

and express your full design potential

Parametric Architecture

Have you ever come up with a great idea and concept about a project, but you didn’t have enough technical skills to finish it?
Rhino for Architects Course Will Help you out

Your imagined design was too complicated and you had no choice but to give it up :(

That means that you lost your opportunity. Your opportunity to get the client you want, to get the scholarship, to win architectural competitions, to have a better grade or even to get a better job.

Example of Parametric Architecture

Often times, we have a great design idea but when it comes to present it a problem arises. We don’t have enough knowledge to make a project in 3D in one program, so we spend all nights and days long switching programs and trying out new workflows.

Guess what? Our result becomes pretty average, and on top of that, we are completely exhausted from staring at the computer screen, we feel stressed and we lose all our free time.

Believe it or not, there is one program where you can have complete design freedom in the area of conceptual design, project presentation, parametric architecture, and complex fluid form modeling.

It’s Rhinoceros 3D, but let me explain WHY this software is the best solution for the architects.

Why Should I Use Rhino And Grasshopper in Architecture? How can Rhino for Architects Course help you?

This probably happened to you at some point. You had a great architectural concept for your project, but you just couldn't make it
in 3D, so you gave up on it.

You don't have enough technical skills to produce your designs, so your design potential is fairly limited. Thanks to Rhinoceros3D and Grasshopper, this problem will never happen again!

Grasshopper is The Number One Parametric Modeling Tool in the World in the Field of Architecture

It allows you to explore parametric modeling
without having to learn how to script.

Use the graphical programming interface to
create your algorithms and parametric geometry

Change the input parameters and watch your
geometry changing shape
in an instant

World’s most renowned offices like BIG, OMA,
SOM and ZAHA are using Grasshopper

Grasshopper Course for Beginners

Thanks to Rhino for Architects Course, you’ll finally be able to explore the world of parametric design with Grasshopper, understand the logic behind it and how to implement it right
away on your own architectural projects.

Powerful Project Presentation Features

Architectural diagrams with Rhino can boost
your visual presentation to another level. You
have the ability to create exploded conceptual
style diagrams
and easily integrate them with
other vector applications, adjust line thickness
of any line and make everything super
organized by using layers.

Visualization in Rhino Course

Architectural renderings with Vray allow you to
create stunning images. On top of that, you can
use any external 3D models that have Vray
materials applied to them by just importing
them in your model.

Architectural animations with Bongo plugin for
Rhino integrate seamlessly with other rendering
engines like Vray and allow you to create both
simple and complex fly-through animations so
that you can present your conceptual ideas in a
video format as quickly as possible.

Animation in Rhino Course

With Rhino for Architects Course, you will have the ability to create amazing architectural diagrams, 2D drawings as well as renderings, architectural animations and all of that is made in a super user-friendly way so that it takes you the least amount of time, so you can meet your deadline!

Complex Organic Forms With SubD Tools

Create any type of fluid form you imagine in a simple and precise way. With SubD tools in Rhino 7, you have the ability to easily model even the most complex organic forms.

Futuristic Architecture Tools
SubD Tools in Rhino Course

Your organic SubD geometry and Grasshopper are easily integrated which means that you can use both the power of organic modeling and combine it with parametric tools with Grasshopper.

Use Rhino’s precision to have full control of your organic forms, their size, and presentation.

Organic Forms in Rhino

You can say goodbye to other free-form modeling tools and plugins such as T-splines, Clayoo, and others. With the power of SubD, you’ll have the confidence to explore new forms and structures and improve your design skills.


There are too many commands. I don't know which to use for a particular situation.

I don't know where to start?!
It looks too complex and overwhelming.

I want to learn from A to Z as fast as I can and to be totally fluent as a professional.

I can't find tutorials that fit my needs and I don't know how to resolve a problem on my own.

I want to learn it as fast as possible, but I don't have the right platform or a mentor to ask questions.

Learning new software just takes too much time!

Illustration of Architect


You are not the first person having these concerns. These are some of the most common challenges that we are facing as architects. The good news is that there is a way!

Grasshopper for Beginners Course

Yes, it’s possible to learn Rhino very fast with the right system, practice and the right tutoring. You can become fluent in Rhino and understand Grasshopper!

You won’t waste your time and you’ll finally have the right mentor to ask questions. The mentor who once was in your shoes, who felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start.

Rhino for Architects 2.0 Course

Rhino for Architects Package

Rhino for Architects 2.0 is an online course designed to teach you the most powerful tips, tricks and workflows that every architect should be aware of today. This is your shortcut to learning Rhino and Grasshopper as fast as possible and opening your design freedom in the areas of parametric modeling, project presentation and complex organic forms.

Rhino for Architects For Beginners

Get familiar with the most efficient modeling techniques, shortcuts and tricks

Discover the best ways to organize your files, layers and structure of your model

Use blocks, layouts and print documentation directly from Rhino

Find out the best integrations and connections in Rhino with other software packages

Understand the logic behind Grasshopper and how to implement it in your own projects

Create your own parametric algorithms from scratch

Rhino for Architects Grasshopper Lessons
Rhino for Architects BIM Example

Discover how to use BIM in Rhino with VisualARQ

Find out how to use Vray rendering engine for
Rhino and Grasshopper

Create complex organic shapes and structures

Create both simple and complex architectural fly-through animations

Create stunning architectural renderings and visualizations

Create architectural diagrams and exploded axonometries

Rhino for Architects Course Modeling Example

What's Inside?

Rhino for Architects Course is an online learning experience
platform that combines very specific video tutorials that are
designed to guide you in a simple step by step method from the
very basics and core principles of Rhino and Grasshopper to the advanced level.

9 modules with streaming video lessons

Homework Assignments

Project Files

Interactive PDF Guides

Additional Resources

Bonus Resources

Instant Access - Start now

Unlimited Access

Future Updates

Questions and Answers Videos

Peter Thompson

"I took the course and it was extremely helpful, it was very thorough. It gave me all the information that I needed from basic modeling to advance modeling, to parametric modeling. It has really made me better at what I do at school and my presentations. It makes my work more professional and I’m a way faster at it than I have ever been. It also helped me to land a job as a peer tutor at my university which is great and it is also just a great resume boost. If you’re interested in architecture modeling, parametric modeling, this is a fantastic course that offers a ton of value and I highly suggest it if you’re a student or professional."

Chim Lim | fosa.hk
Hong Kong

"This is so different from other seminars or workshops, where after the workshop, there weren't many people that you can ask and with How to Rhino, you can access them on a 1 to 1 basis, they always come back to you immediately. That really helps you and particularly 1 to 1 coaching, I find it very useful so I really highly recommend it to any other beginners who are interested in learning Rhino and Grasshopper. They are really patient and they really want you to learn it."

Guilherme Garcia

"It’s funny how I found this course. I was watching How to Rhino Tutorials on the YouTube channel, he advertised the course and I signed in because I liked how he explains the workflow. It was so simple that I found it perfect for me. It changed my life as a student architect for sure. Just the first two modules were blowing my mind because Dusan’s knowledge and the way to teach it is just wonderful and I learned a lot."

Imagine what mastering Rhino and Grasshopper can bring you in the future. It’s not only about technicalities, it’s about the real possibilities. It’s about winning architectural competitions, getting recognized, getting more clients, selling your design ideas better and having flawless project presentations.

Rhino for Architects Course Portfolio Example

This skill will help you to position yourself better on the job market or create a perfect organizational workflow at your own office. Your portfolio would certainly look much better.

You’ll have the ability to win architectural competitions and expand your design ideas. You’d be finally ready to think outside the box and present your projects as never before!

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