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Here, you'll find How to Rhino Courses testimonials from our students who graduated from our courses.

We've helped more than 650+ architects and architecture students to improve their skills in Rhino, Grasshopper and Rhino Inside Revit

We are happy to share some of their experiences, testimonials and work, so you can have a better idea of what results you can expect to get if you decide to join us.

John Fotiadis |

"I'm probably a little older than the average student. But I have to say, the way this course was structured and the way it's presented and organized has made it very easy for someone like me to learn and to understand the full power of Rhino. And what I attribute that to is the fact that it's being taught not by software developers or people that are writing code, the course is being taught by architects. So Dusan and his team understand and know how architects think, they know what processes architects are familiar with and they apply those principles to how they've organized this course and how they teach this course. The other thing that I want to say also is that Dusan and the rest of the team at Rhino for Architects are incredibly responsive. There have been numerous times when I've had questions or I've tried to put certain things together, they didn't seem to be working, the response time was incredible and the content of the responses that they've sent both in the form of videos, as well as live 1 to 1 sessions has really been extraordinary."

Andrea Keller | AKA Architecture + Design

"You know, I'm firm principle, I don't have much time, I'm trying to run a firm, do projects, but at night, I would just systematically do these videos and I learned Rhino, and I'm learning Grasshopper and I can start to make the forms that I really want to make. And so I really credit them, I mean they were the bridge for me between what I wanted to do and where I was. I guess I would say two things about this course. So, one is that it's specifically made by architects, so they understand us, they understand our thinking, they understand the education, the framework, and how to make physical buildings. Because ultimately, everything that I create has to be made in carne, in the world, it has to be fabricated, it needs to be broken down, so everything is kind of through that lens. And the second thing that I would say is that they have coaching, which has been extraordinary. So I've only done two sessions so far, but these guys are brilliant, they're not just good at the software, they understand it at such a deep level, really genius level understanding, and because of that they're such a resource."

Karol Galan

"After only two modules, I felt perfectly confident in using the software. That's to the point that I was even able to help out my fellow students with some issues they encountered. What I think is the biggest advantage of this course is how is the contact with Dusan, which is really great. Dusan encourages you during the whole course to write down all of your questions and ask them. Whenever you need, you're able to schedule your 1 on 1 coaching class where you can discuss problems from the course or even from your projects, it's not really limited. I think it is really crucial especially for people who have just started using the software, not to get annoyed with "ok, I can't do something and I have nobody to ask questions". This course provides you with all the solutions whenever you need them. "

Gabriele Uberti

"I have to say the educational approach put into this course is something incredible. You don't only learn tips and tricks, there is a million of them, you can also learn the idea and thinking behind 3D modeling, so you can apply the knowledge to your own projects without any kind of difficulty. And I want to tell you with sincerity, schedule a call with Dusan. At that time, I was afraid to waste his time, I was afraid because my English was so terrible, and I wasn't so sure to schedule the call. But even today, I thank the kindness of Dusan and I thank myself on making the decision on clicking that button. So do it, it's time to change your work and life. "

Jose Urbiola | mad

"Mainly, I chose this course because I wanted to improve and step up on these new technologies. I was a user of Rhino in my daily life, but also, more and more, we see in the offices the need to use SubD and Grasshopper, which are some software plugins that I want to improve. That's why I chose How to Rhino because it's a combination of all these parts. And I was surprised because it was really useful for me, not only to take the SubD and the Grasshopper part, but also going through a detailed review of the Rhino part because you always get surprised and you learn new things. I can see before and after. I have improved my workflow in the office, the speed, and I can solve more geometries, more problems. So I've become a more efficient architect."

Luis Ortiz
Puerto Rico

" It is so easy to learn because they break it down every single step of the way. So, this course is made for anyone who wants to push the limits of design and creativity and not be bound to other programs that cannot do the same. If you really are the type of passionate person who just wants to explore and innovate, this course is for you.
I am so glad that I chose this course and so glad that I went all the way in, and now I'm planning to purchase even more courses that they offer because of how good this program is. It's really the best money I've ever spent, and I can't wait to get to know all the other aspects of the community because that's the other thing. You are not alone. You have a community. You have all the instructors, which is Dusan, Lazar, and all the others who are part of How to Rhino and How to really help you reach your goals. Do not think that you are alone, or this is all on you. You can always reach out."

Dan Muntean

"It's a marvelous course, actually there are three courses How to Rhino for Rhino, Rhino to Revit and Grasshopper. I really urge you guys to check Dusan's website and Dusan's courses. So please try to get in touch with Dusan and How to Rhino company. Because if I can do it, and I can actually learn from them, you can do too. At the beginning I was very very scared about 3D modeling and 3D renderings, because I can actually draw by hand very well. But believe me, once you get to know Dusan and Dusan's How to Rhino courses you will very, very well be in a way won by it, and it's gonna be easier and you're gonna love it, I guarantee it"

Vui Choong

"Prior to joining the course, I've known a little bit of Rhino, but I've always ended in a situation where I know this aspect, but not the other, and it's all piece-meal and there are not many courses out there that allow you to cover the course in full. And if you're going to try Youtube, and hoping to learn from Youtube, I would say good luck to that. Yeah, so that's why I signed up with How to Rhino. As soon as I saw the course content, I was very happy with it, and I haven't given a second thought and I signed up immediately. I have no regret signing up to that. And ever since, whenever I have the opportunity I would go through each individual module to ensure that I cover every aspect of the program."

Celine Cheng
New Zealand

"Most of the tutorials are very long and also very difficult to follow as a beginner. However, this course is different. It is very concise and very fun to follow and it also explains the basics very well. It is perfect for beginners. Each tutorial comes with a source file. Even from the amount of source files and the quality you can tell Dusan and the team put a lot of effort and thoughts into designing this course. Dusan even recorded video tutorials to answer my questions. On top of the great content of this course, the service is absolutely amazing. I have already recommended this course to people around me, It is the best Rhino course that I have found on the Internet and I'm looking forward to Dusan and the team to produce more content and tutorials, and definitely I will purchase them."

Abdulah Al Dossery

"So, to begin with, this course is for all; whether you're a a beginner, intermediate, advanced, even expert. It will help ypu optimize your workflow, your way of thinking of how to utilize Rhino. It will refine the way that you produce a model which is something I was looking for before I enrolled into this program.So, to tell you this course does, in my honest experience, it has been very informative, even the stuff that I knew, now I know in a better way. I can integrate multiple, let's say commands together. So from Module 1, I'd say Module 1 to Module 2 is beginner to intermediate, but I do recommend you don't skip it because, like I said I learned a lot. I thought that I knew a lot but I was proven wrong. This course refined the way I use Rhino, it just helped me to understand how to work with Rhino and how to understand what I'm creating, and understand how to produce that level of expert model creation."

Loke Zhi Ming

"The part that I enjoyed about Rhino for Architects course is the constant updates of new information and videos. This helps me to be up-to-date with the latest features of Rhino as well as new workflows which is what I'm looking for. In this way, I think that the value of the course potentially increases with time. I'm happy for what I've learned and gained through the course. I think the course is specially designed and tailored for applications in architecture and overtime I appreciate Dusan and Lazar's patience, and your help when I had questions to be addressed in my own projects. Their experience is something to be leveraged upon and the strength of the course lies in its support system, in addition to an organized module approach."

Felix Leung
Hong Kong

"I have ideas in my head that I find it not so easy to explain simply through papers and pen. I was desperately finding tools and solutions to help me improve on it. And lucky enough, I found out the YouTube channel, How to Rhino. And, and I found the tutorials on the channel was very easy to understand, and therefore I decidedit to join the course for a more structural approach.
What I think about this this course was that it teaches what the school doesn't have. The time to teach us the technical skills behind, behind complicated concepts and free form models. I no longer need to limit myself to only simple forms and geometry, just because I couldn't create those complex 3d geometries."

Vincenzo Massa 

"I applied for the first two modules for beginners, and I can say that it brought me from a level 0 to an intermediate/advanced level, which made me really happy and now I can model almost anything. I can really see that I can use Rhino properly with all the commands and shortcuts, and that's thanks to the Rhino for Architects course, which is really well structured and well-explained by Dusan. It's highly recommended both for beginners, but also for the advanced and intermediate users. The contents of the course are really easy to understand and you can learn a lot, watch them all over again, and ask anything to Dusan who is really nice and always available for any explanation and any questions."

Georgi Lechtarski | The Creative Insider Podcast

"A few months ago, I found the classes of How to Rhino and I asked a friend that I know that has taken them already how it was, and he suggested it to me. I took the first two Modules of How to Rhino and it was extremely helpful, very well-structured. And I think that just after the first two modules you can do a lot with the program, and you can model everything that is more or less with traditional shape and traditionally shaped architecture. It's really well done, and what I loved the most about it is that it is online and you can decide when to take the class and when to do the tutorials, when to do the exercises. And I think it's very, very useful for people like me that work full-time. Another thing I love is that as soon as you submit a question, you get back a video very, very quickly, with a very clear explanation and I think that's the best asset that it has."

Jessica Lee

"I reached out to Dusan and at that time I was just struggling with my design, I was very limited and I was just like "Hey, I want to do this, I want to do that, I saw your Youtube videos". He was very patient to go through the package and detailed course content, and upon that, I was a student of How to Rhino. I noticed that every week they post materials and content and recording feedback for every student, so no one's really excluded. You're always getting new materials coming out every week, so you're not a 100% completing the course as well. I personally think that Dusan is a really nice guy, he's very genuine and a gem to begin with. He really cares and is very passionate towards his students. He wants to make sure that the quality of learning and effort remains the same, and then also updating his material with other students that are learning as well."

Madsen Canitz

"I signed up for Rhino for Architects after I was recommended through one of my internships. I was mainly looking for a course that would teach me Rhino and some of its capabilities in terms of 3D and parametrics and rendering, so the production and presentation side of Rhino. I'd learned Rhino through school, but never from the start, so I wanted something that would also sort of teach me some of the basic skills in 2D and 3D. I was unsure if one course would cover this in a comprehensive approach. It's been extremely thorough, which I think has been good. It's given me the confidence and skills in using Rhino as a design tool, rather than just as a software."

Sam Holcombe

"I came across How to Rhino although I wasn't aware that the course is different from the channel at the time. There's so much more in the course. Module 1 is great because you learn the very basics of Rhino, the interface, the different forms and dimensions, like the difference between points and lines and surfaces and meshes, and extrusions, polysurfaces and that really helps you understand, especially with the interface, how to save time and do things efficiently, and why you're using the commands. If you’re diligent you’ll learn so quickly. It’s quite ridiculous paced, even by Module 2 I was surprised by how much I can do already in terms of using the program and realizing the potential I’d be able to do my own projects with what I had already learned."

Manca Sega

"Last year, during my internship in Berlin, I've been introduced to Rhino and I quickly fell in love with it. I wanted to learn it so I was constantly searching for some tutorials on the internet, but what happened was that I just wasted so much of my time trying to find the solutions. All I wanted was organized and structured course and this course is exactly that and a way more. I love that the modules are structured in a way that you first learn the basics and then you move to more advanced stuff. The course doesn't just cover 3D modeling, you can also learn parametric design with Grasshopper, how to make animations and renders and how to perfect them in Photoshop. What I really appreciate is fast responsiveness from Dusan and Lazar who answers every question that you have. "

Aishe Kokoshi

"I found this interesting masterclass online that shows you all the steps from 2D plans, 3D models, presentation, diagrams and I really feel happy about this course because now I feel comfortable to make diagrams and presentations and I would say thanks to Dusan for his amazing work and thanks for always being available to help. "

Bruno Belo Xavier

"I was already Rhino user when I started Rhino for Architects Course, but I’ve been watching Dusan’s tutorials for a while and I knew the quality and effort that him and Lazar put to publish them on YouTube. When I talked with Dusan 1 on 1 about the possibility of me joining the course, he mentioned that even though I’m using Rhino, the course is structured to make people become experienced Rhino users and know all the necessary commands. That convinced me and I don’t regret it a single bit. My rhino skills increased tremendously. "

Guilherme Garcia

"It’s funny how I found this course. I was watching How to Rhino Tutorials on the YouTube channel, he advertised the course and I signed in because I liked how he explains the workflow. It was so simple that I found it perfect for me. It changed my life as a student architect for sure. Just the first two modules were blowing my mind because Dusan’s knowledge and the way to teach it is just wonderful and I learned a lot."

Michelle Gers

"I came across How to Rhino and I was very fortunate that I did because it gave me a chance to see how Dusan and how Lazar teach us all the tools, and the basics of this program which is not one of the easiest programs around. I was very impressed as to how they explain it. Dusan is very good at getting across to you, teaching you and explaining to you how to use the tools which is very important when you’re trying to learn something online and you don’t have an instructor by your side when he can teach you and show you step by step what you’re doing wrong."

Julius Ang

"I think what differentiates Rhino for Architects from other courses is the level of support that Dusan and Lazar provide. They respond very quickly, mostly within a day and I think this has really helped me clarify many misconceptions that I have regarding Rhino and Grasshopper as well as allows me to ask questions related to specific projects that I may be working on."

Pat Omahoney

"Initially, I’ve been anxious about starting Rhino and had attempted it before due to lack of any detailed tutorials, I let this drop. Well that is until I came across the How to Rhino Course. I think that this is a concentrated and detailed course. Each topic is dealt in detail and if you have any doubts, queries and questions, these are dealt with immediately by Dusan."

Husain Nasrulla

"If anyone joins this course will definitely benefit by learning more about basic Rhino modeling, advanced Rhino modeling, SubD Modeling, Rendering for presentation, animation. All of this is presented very simply, effectively and systematically."


"I found it very hard to implement my ideas and concepts with the architecture tools that are available and I really wanted to use Rhino because of the other potential that it had, but the interface wasn’t friendly so much. When I heard about Rhino for Architects Course, I was very excited because there are a lot of programs and tutorials for Rhino, but they are not catered towards architecture, therefore it is very hard to implement the tools and potential that they give you. I was very impressed from the start, the course is very well organized and very clear."

Chim Lim |
Hong Kong

"This is so different from other seminars or workshops, where after the workshop, there weren't many people that you can ask and with How to Rhino, you can access them on a 1 to 1 basis, they always come back to you immediately. That really helps you and particularly 1 to 1 coaching, I find it very useful so I really highly recommend it to any other beginners who are interested in learning Rhino and Grasshopper. They are really patient and they really want you to learn it."

Jose Messino
Costa Rica

"When I first opened Rhino, I was so scared and I didn’t know where to start. It was very difficult for me since a simple action can be done in 15 different ways and I didn’t have the time or the patience to learn it all. That’s when I found out about Rhino for Architects Course and I fell in love with these learning models that Dusan teaches. It is completely made by architects for architects. I learned this software in a very practical and very interesting way."

Georges Kfoury

"These tutorials are the best I have ever done because Dusan shows all the specific commands for architects and designers. All the specific tips and tricks to improve your Rhino skills and feel more comfortable and ready to do your virtual project with Rhino. Now after this course, I do all of my architectural projects with Rhino and it was beneficial in my architectural journey."

Peter Thompson

"I took the course and it was extremely helpful, it was very thorough. It gave me all the information that I needed from basic modeling to advance modeling, to parametric modeling. It has really made me better at what I do at school and my presentations. It makes my work more professional and I’m a way faster at it than I have ever been. It also helped me to land a job as a peer tutor at my university which is great and it is also just a great resume boost. If you’re interested in architecture modeling, parametric modeling, this is a fantastic course that offers a ton of value and I highly suggest it if you’re a student or professional."

Onurcan Küsken

"Professor told me to learn Rhino at that time and I went online, I found a couple of tutorials, but again, the problem was they were not only focusing on architecture. There were tutorials for furniture modeling, animation modeling and then I found about How to Rhino Course. I was having an issue with 3D printing and I sent an email to him and he recorded a video and explained everything clearly. So he was so helpful. He's gonna help you for any other things. I think that How to Rhino Course is really helpful for architecture. I totally recommend it."

Yann Hui |

"I'm an architect and professor for architecture with 16 years of professional experience. The course has been very beneficial to me and I've learned Rhino quickly and it's been very useful to model architectural works, and it's been very helpful for me to produce design competitions. So far this year alone, I've submitted five design competitions using Rhino."

Diba Mohebzadeh

"I wanted to be more creative and I wanted to be sufficient, so I planned on doing every single modeling in Rhino and I didn't know how to do it. So my initial thought was: "Hey I'm just gonna google it and find out how to rhino", and this is when I came across How to Rhino Instagram page. After watching many of the videos, I was so interested in a diversity of modeling and it was very quick and I learned so many commands and tricks that I didn't know."

Chidi Marshall

"It has really helped me, I'm so excited and extremely happy that I got to meet Dusan, the way Dusan is so patient in explaining. Dusan is happy to wake up at 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock midnight to just take your question and assist you. So that means a lot to me, and I'm so happy that I'm getting to learn Rhino, even though I'm still in training, but I'm really excited that I'm doing so well about it and the fact that I'm going to be using Rhino to complement every other design softwares I've used before."

Olivier Keseru | Keserü Architects

"I participated in the first How to Rhino workshop almost a year ago. And I have to say that Dusan does an amazing job in organizing the models from Beginner to Intermediate to more Advanced. And after doing this course I really feel that I've reached a very decent level in Rhino. I feel that Dusan does an amazing job with being there when you have a question, he's always there quickly responding. That's one thing you really can't find online nowadays for any workshop. Actually, I really highly recommend this for any architecture student or any architect who hasn't had the time or who was still thinking about learning Rhino."

Cindy Hu

"In my first zoom meeting with Dusan, I explained my situation to him and mentioned that I was not confident in picking up a new 3D program halfway through studio class. But Dusan encouraged me to take the opportunity to try Rhino since I was desperate. Apart from self-learning through the modules, the one-on-one coaching call with Dusan had helped me greatly. He is patient and takes heed to each student's questions. I wouldn't complete my project without these one-on-one coaching calls meetings with him. "

Francesco Cauda
Venice, Italy

"I tried to learn it by myself looking for some tutorials on YouTube, but I immediately understood that I was lacking a solid modeling method. So what I decided to do is to join Rhino for Architects Course because I saw how the tutorials made by Dusan were organized and how he used to explain all the different commands and so on. And I immediately understood that that was the right for me, the right course to do and a good investment to make in order to improve my skills in Rhino and finally get good basics and also most advanced knowledge of this software. "

Chara Georgiou

"My university suggests a lot of Rhino for 3D modeling so when I saw How to Rhino Masterclass, I thought that it would be a great opportunity to start learning Rhino and absolutely it was. I'm very impressed by Dusan's work and videos and have already learned a lot from him. I would like to say big thanks to him for sharing his knowledge with us. After completing the course, of course I'm not an expert in Rhino, but now I know how to create these impressive presentations with the diagrams and renders and that I was looking at the university. "

Omar Bahamat

"I didn’t put a really high expectation for the workshop because you see a lot often a workshop on the internet, but you sometimes failed your expectations and you feel disappointed. So when I entered workshop Rhino with Dusan, I didn’t want to raise my expectations, so I feel disappointed. But what I was really shocked about… I am not saying that because I am recording this video, but this is the truth... Well prepared, really well prepared, well communicated with his students who are entering the workshop, well prepared, there is a summary, any question you have, he’s always there for you."

Krimika Parekh

"I really liked this workshop and I hope he connects more these kinds of workshops for every one of us. I like that he understands us as we are architecture students, he’s also been through the same process and he understands what we are going through and how much we are in difficulties and how much we need help. I’ll always recommend everyone to join this workshop whenever he has in the future and when he has more these kind of workshops just for Grasshopper or just for advanced Rhino"

Mihir Mistry

"The course is really amazing, it covers all the important aspects of the software in a very systematic manner because of which it becomes very easy to learn. After the completion of this course, you will be able to design and build most complicated 3D structures that you have seen or you can imagine, plus these guys are always available online and they solve your doubts almost immediately."

Mahmoud Mohanad

"In the beginning, I enrolled in some courses on Udemy and Lynda, but these courses were not complete and they were not focused on architecture. Then, I found How to Rhino channel on YouTube and saw that they were promoting Rhino for Architects 2.0 Course. From the day one, I knew that this was exactly what I wanted. I enrolled in the course and so far it was one of the best investments I ever did."

Max Medina |

"I think that the potential it has, Rhino as a program is how you can go to the next level with your skills, to be hired by a powerful studio of architecture in the world and that's huge. This is a skill that is a must be in all studios and this is a skill that you need to learn because with the experience that I had with How to Rhino, I realized that I don't want to use software like Sketchup anymore or even Autocad. It was very good experience, I really recommend it. I see this as an investment that is probably one of the best things I have ever done."

João Paulo Santos | BDM

"I've always loved drawing. I've first saw some work from legendary Zaha Hadid and I wanted to pursue those deliciated, organic and magical forms but I never knew how to do it. I talked with Dusan only one time and that was it. After that conversation, I talked to my boss and explained that Rhino is the next big thing and should be the priority in our company"

Nikola Marković 

"I've always wanted to learn how to model organic forms and parametric design. At first, I couldn't find the proper tutorials for architectural use in Rhino and when I found out about the Rhino for Architects Course, I joined immediately and just in a couple of modules, we went through all of the basic use of the commands and how to combine them and implement them into your projects and I could easily make my 3d models for my faculty. The environment is also very friendly and I would recommend everyone who wants to learn Rhino for architecture use in a short time to join the community."

Nguyen Hung

"Dusan and his associate created an amazing platform that I can study after working hours. The course is easy to follow and the level of difficulty is increased to a very complicated level. I feel very thankful for Dusan and his team, for providing a good platform and providing an in-depth content giving me the ability to self-develop later. Dusan has created a comprehensive approach and is extremely thorough. He as an architect huimself understands the design process and he tried to create the content of the course based on that process. And he also tried to create his own ecological system using Rhino and Grasshopper."

Tarry Gu 

"Sometimes I would forget how to do something and I could obviously review the platform read and find which module or modules I needed to apply to the specific goal that I'm working on at that time. So I found it very easy to kind of toggle back and forth between the project that I was working on and the module with the description that I had to do. One-on-one sessions were very helpful. The fact that the price of the package included everything, even one-on-one meeting, was really great. It was difficult to find time to meet for one-on-one, but it was very helpful when I was able to."

Mark Taylor

"The best part about How to Rhino is the ability to ask direct questions to the instructor. And if you watch a lesson once, twice, three times and you're still not getting it, boom, just type in and say "Hey, I need some help. Can you re-explain it? This is what's not, going well for me." And you get a responsewithin hours or at least the next morning. And in addition to having direct access to Dusan and his team there's also an online community which you can have broader conversations about your dilemmas or interests in certain commands or things going on with the development of the program itself."

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