Rhino for Architects 

Who is this Masterclass for?

If you’re an architect and you have an interest in learning Rhino, this is going be a perfect chance for you to discover and learn core basic principles of Rhino, the basic logic behind Grasshopper and you'll find out some of the most powerful fluid organic modeling with SubD tools for Rhino 7.

390+ Architects who worked closely with us have this skills already and now you can too!

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What You'll Discover

Rhino Essentials

  • I don't know where to start? The interface looks so scary and confusing.
  • I want to approach learning Rhino in an organized structured way.
  • There's no specific Rhino tutorials just for architects that are exactly to the point.
  • I don't have a professional next to me to ask questions :(
  • I want to learn it as fast as possible in the most efficient way possible!

Grasshopper Essentials

  • How to use parametric modeling for architecture with Grasshopper
  • I've never used Grasshopper, I don't know how to start
  • Grasshopper interface is way too complex
  • What is the logic behind Grasshopper?
  • Beginner-friendly step by step approach
  • Creating Grasshopper algorithms from scratch

Organic Modeling Essentials

  • I want to model complex organic forms and apply them to buildings
  • I want to know the best method will be to get fluid, well-designed shapes in Rhino
  • I want to start making organic designs that you can't achieve with other programs
  • I want to model organic structures practically with precision
  • I heard about the newest SubD tools for Rhino 7, but I don't know anything about it

going a step further with rhino for architects 2.0 course

Rhino for Architects 2.0 Course

  • What is the fastest and easiest way to learn Rhino and Grasshopper
  • How to implement parametric and organic designs to your projects
  • How to finally start to explore creative free-form designs without technical limitations
  • How to stop limiting yourself from expressing design ideas
  • How to start thinking outside the box and limiting cubic forms
  • How to create fluid organic buildings from Zaha and MAD
  • Best plugins for Rhino that every architect should be aware of
  • Creating architectural diagrams
  • Creating simple and complex fly-through architectural animations
  • Creating architectural visualizations and much much more

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