by Dušan Cvetković
Dušan Cvetković
Published February 1, 2021

Working with 3D in architecture and design is the staple. However, creating 3D models from scratch, is not an easy task and it's a time-consuming one as well. 

At this point, what we need are pre-made 3D models. Not only do they save the precious time, but they also enhance your designs. 

We are going to list out the top 5 free 3D models resources for pre-made model download. 

Poly Haven

* At the time when this video was made, the page was called 3D Model Haven. The same creator, Greg, had two more pages: HDRI Haven and Textures Haven. Today, all three are included in the Poly Haven website.

Poly Haven is a high-quality 3D models hub, where every 3D model you find is a 100% free. All of the models come with multi-format PBR textures and multiple options in terms of formats. While the quantity is not necessarily extensive, the models are all very high-quality. 

To clarify, the page is a great and free 3D model resource, but on the negative side, it does have a limited amount of models.

3D Sketchup Warehouse

Although Sketchup is always a favorite amongs architects and designers, 3D Sketchup Warehouse is absolutely awesome. This is open-source platform, which means that many people can contribute their works and add to the 3D model library. As a result, this has become a very diverse collection of 3D models. You can find anything from office buildings, bridges, gas stations, etc. This is a great characteristic, but at the same time, this means the quality of the models varies.  

With some time and exploration, surely you will find a well-made model with rich texture that will fit what you need in your project.

CG Trader

Thirdly, we have a website called CG Trader. This is a platform full of interesting 3D models. You can find a variety of categories, from animals, aircraft, etc to interior and exterior models. This page has a unique feature! 

You have the option to seel tou moldes on the platform, or find 3D modeling jobs via the freelance hub. 

As for the quality of the models, it is in general high, but they are not always free for download. To clarify, there is a wide range of both free, as well paid models. There are also low-poly 3D models, perfect for big scene where you don't necessarily need detailed models.

3D Sky

Second on the list is 3D Sky. This is yet anpther amazing source of 3D models. What characterizes this platform is a very well organized, and thus user-friendly library. It covers a wide range of categories: from furniture and decoration, to lighting, textures, etc. 

Once again, this is a place with both free and paid models. Even though the free models tend to be less detailed, there's still a decent range to pick from. In addition, you can filter the models based on color or brands, which simplifies the search. 

Flying Architecture

The top spot on this list goes to Flying Architecture.

This is a visualization studio that works exclusively with Rhino so the models are tailor-made for the program. There is a variety of scenes, materials library, 3D models and even tutorials on working in Rhino. The level of details and complexity is incredible, whether we're talking about outdoor or indoor scenes.

Final Thoughts

In summation, these five platforms offer a wide range of 3D models. Each of them has its respective features, quality and pricing options, so there is something for every type of project. These can siginificantly improve your workflow and final visualization. 

P.S. Whether you're using a free, or a paid model, the most important thing is to credit the author! It's not only showing respect, but also adds a sense of professionalism to you projects. 

3D Sky

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Dušan Cvetković is a professional architect from Serbia with international experience in the industry. Collaborated with numerous clients all around the world in the field of architecture design, 3D modeling and software education. He's been teaching Rhinoceros3D to thousands of architects through How to Rhino community and various social media channels.