Free Cutout People Collection

Cutout people are one of the most important elements when it comes to creating stunning architectural visualizations. Creating unique spaces and moods requires a good library of 2D cutout people because each project is unique.

That’s why we often search for custom free cutout people that are from certain cultures and countries. Sometimes we are just forced to manually create these png images in Photoshop because we really want that unique mood in the image.

However, there are lots of FREE cutout people collections online that you could use for your visualizations. In my opinion, the following free cutout people are some of the most valuable on the web when it comes to diversity and quality.

One of the oldest websites for cutout people and probably the most famous one among architectural students. Great resource for high quality cutout people. However, I would prefer if they had some filters so that you can choose a specific pose and not have to scroll through the whole collection.

skalgubbar cutout people

MrCutout offers not only cutout people but also objects, animals, skies, foreground, vegetation, cars etc. It’s possible to filter images based on activities, lighting, ethnicity, view, season which is a big plus. The catch is that there is a daily limit of how many megabytes of images you can download. Not all of cutouts are free, there are paid versions as well.

mrcutout cutout people

Excellent collection of cutout people mostly from India. The filters are quite useful based on body positions, clothing types and there are also additional cutouts such as objects, vehicles and animals. An interesting thing about this collection is that if offers cutout people that are illustrated. This is great if you’re looking for some kind of conceptual visual presentation.

jugaadrender cutout people

Medium sized collection of various cutout people based on different origin country. If you have your own cutout collection from your country and wish to share it with the world, you can submit it through this website and they would make it publicly available.

cutoutlife cutout people

5. Pimp my drawing    

This one is a bit different than the rest. The style of the cutouts is quite specific for CAD drawings with thick outline around the silhouette. There’s three main categories including people, trees and cars. The downloadable files are in dwg and ai format.

pimpmydrawing cutout people

6. Vishopper     

Great filtering options including number of people in the group, gender, age, ethnicity, view angle, light, season, style, activity and accessories. There are additional cutouts for plants, grounds, skies and backgrounds which is quite interesting. Not all images are free.

vishopper cutout people

7. Escalantina       

People cutouts of mostly Latino Americans. Medium sized collection filtered by men, women, children, groups and animals.

escalantina cutout people

8. Diaz Pauenetto Cutouts        

Small collection of people cutouts, but great quality.

diazpaunetto cutout people

9. Non Scandinavia    

Medium size collection of people cutouts with a specific entourage style. There are three different sections, each containing the same people, but with different styles including originals, silhouettes and illustrated.

nonscandinavia cutout people