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Modeling Stylish Stairs

By Dusan / May 8, 2019

Modeling Stylish StairsIn this tutorial we will be exploring how to create this type of stairs. We will start from 2D lines in a single plane, then transform it into 3D space and later on create 3D geometry based on the input 2D data. When it comes to creating complex 3D shapes, it’s always about […]


Modeling Kazakhstan Theater Facade

By Dusan / May 1, 2019

Modeling Kazakhstan Theater FacadeAnother conceptual project in Kazakhstan. Visualization is done by OMEGARENDER. We will be using both T-splines and Grasshopper. T-splines is used to create the overall shape of the facade with free-form surfacing controls. On the other hand, we used a simple grasshopper definition to divide the surface into smaller segments. Get notified when […]


Modeling Cabin Concept

By Dusan / April 23, 2019

Modeling Cabin ConceptThis is a conceptual project designed by John Demaio from Foster and Partners. The simplicity of the form and shape  at its finest. Here, we we will be modeling the overall design with some simple Rhino commands and taking this project into 3D. One of the interesting commands mentioned in the tutorial is […]


Modeling Spiraling Observation Tower

By Dusan / April 16, 2019

Modeling Spiraling Observation TowerProject designed by EFEKT architects from Denmark. In this Rhino tutorial, we will be modeling this project using cage edit command from Rhino. In addition, we will be using some simple Grasshopper definition to create the outer columns. Get notified when new tutorials are published!Sign up bellow and to get an update […]


Airforce Academy Cadet Chapel

By Dusan / April 8, 2019

Modeling Airforce Academy Cadet ChapelIn this Rhino tutorial, we will be using simple Rhino commands to develop the modular geometry. We will be using 2D lines and tracing over the reference images in order to get the initial shapes which will be later on transformed into 3D surfaces. Get notified when new tutorials are published!Sign […]


Modeling Confluence Park Pavilion

By Dusan / April 1, 2019

Modeling Confluence Park PavilionThe goal of this tutorial would be to show the 3D modeling techniques which you can use to develop these geometrical shapes. Confluence Park Pavilion is located in San Antonio, USA and was designed in collaboration with Lake|Flato Architects and Matsys Design office. The 3D model is developed in Rhino with the […]


Modeling Chaoyang Park Plaza

By Dusan / March 18, 2019

Modeling Chaoyang Park Plaza by MAD ArchitectsIn this tutorial, we’re taking Chaoyang Park Plaza project and modeling it from scratch. Located in Beijing and designed by MAD Architects, this project has been a very iconic landmark in Beijng. We’ll try to recreate its shape and geometry using various Rhino commands in this Rhino for architects […]


Creating 2D drawings

By Dusan / March 5, 2019

Creating 2D drawingsIn this tutorial, we are going to create a 2D base plan drawing from scratch in Rhino using basic Rhino commands such as line, polyline, rectangle, scale1D, mirror, copy, move, curve boolean etc. You will learn how to quickly create construction elements such as walls, columns, axis, text, doors, windows and furniture elements, […]


Modeling a house from CAD drawings

By Dusan / February 25, 2019

Modeling a house from CAD drawingsThe topic here would be how to create a simple house based on AutoCAD drawings in Rhino using basic 3D modeling techniques. Once imported into the scene, DWG drawings can be used in Rhino to model 3D geometry from the ground up. Get notified when new tutorials are published!Sign up […]


How to Model Mountain House

By Dusan / February 20, 2019

How to Model Mountain House   This is a conceptual project designed by @mohtashami_reza. In this tutorial, we’re going to explore some simple modeling techniques in Rhino in order to create this house quickly. Some of the interesting commands in this tutorial simplify, areacentroid, pipe, SetPt and other. Get notified when new tutorials are published!Sign up […]

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