How to Rhino Tutorials

You're probably aware that Rhino and Grasshopper ecosystem is huge!
How to Rhino Tutorials library is growing each week and we’re just starting out on our mission to spread the use of this software and help as many architects as possible to become proficient in it.

There are so many topics to cover, plugins to explore and tutorials to create... We currently have around 10 categories of tutorials that we’re focused on, so make sure to grab a cup of coffee, open Rhino and practice along!

Generating parametric patterns has never been easier thanks to the plugin Parakeet for Grasshopper. This plugin is free to use and it allows us to parametrically modify characteristics of a pattern so that we can create many different pattern iterations in no time. In order to construct a pattern, we ... Read More

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This is our biggest collection of tutorials so far. It includes 3D modeling tutorials in Rhino with mostly intermediate and advanced modeling techniques with tips and tricks along the way. The examples are based on various projects, both unbuilt and built  from a wide variety of architects and artists.


Grasshopper is one of the best parametric tools on the market right now. It is an integral part of Rhinoceros3D and you can think of it as some sort of “graphical programming” where you create your own algorithms which are designed to achieve a certain parametric movement, change or iteration of your design.

It comes with an endless list of plugins and here, we’re trying to demystify some of them and show you what Grasshopper can do in architecture.


SubD Tools are a “new type” of geometry that is available in Rhino 7 version. If you ever used T-splines, this is a perfect replacement for it. SubD tools allow you to create amazing fluid form geometry and it is especially useful if you’re planning to explore designs that have amorphic shapes and objects, similar to what Zaha Hadid Architects and MAD Architects are famous for!


VisualARQ is a plugin that allows Rhino to be used as a BIM software, similar to what Revit and Archicad are known for. Creating BIM in Rhino directly has a lot of benefits, you’ll be able to control not only the initial design phase of the project, but also the construction phase and export construction documents with ease.


If you ever wondered how those beautiful architectural renders are made, you’ve probably heard of Vray rendering engine developed by Chaos Group. It’s one of the oldest and most precise rendering engines out there with extreme popularity in the architecture field. Vray is an external plugin for Rhino, the latest version is called Vray Next.

One of the best features of it is that it is also integrated with Grasshopper, so we can integrate the power of parametric components and create various types of scenes, animations and much more.  


Enscape is another stand alone rendering plugin. It integrates with almost all CAD software including Rhino. One very cool feature of Enscape is that you can preview your model in real-time immersive 3D environment that has its own library of models that can be used in Rhino in order to create detailed interior and exterior compositions with great details. Enscape is quick, efficient and easy to use.


Rhino Inside is another work in progress project that is being developed for the official Rhino 7 version. The purpose of Rhino Inside is to seamlessly connect BIM programs such as Revit, VisualArq and integrate it with native Grasshopper algorithms, so you can combine both the power of parametric modeling with full BIM capabilities.


This one can possibly be a game-changer in the architecture industry! If you ever played video games and saw those cool graphics and environments, a lot of these were powered by Unreal Engine. Twinmotion is kind of similar to that, also powered by Unreal Engine and created with real-time architecture visualization in mind.

Twinmotion was acquired by Epic Games which is one of the giants when it coms to the gaming industry.

This means that Twinmotion users will get plenty of features, add-ons, 3D models and a very high level of realism when it comes to presenting design ideas in our field.

Exciting times lie ahead!